Mei – Geggath, The Red Mist

Mei 500

Blood Type: AB


Mei and Everett are two sides of the school’s heart. He’s the charismatic, vocal face of the student body. She’s the hard-working negotiator who stays out of the limelight. If the Accursed Academy had student offices, Everett would be class president and Mei would be running the newspaper. He is the light, and she is the shadow.

The two of them met in a dojo, long ago, before Everett moved here. (Where was this? Mei doesn’t remember, and she’s confused by that.) They’ve been equally matched since childhood, and gained respect for one another as sparring partners. He comes to her for advice on people he doesn’t understand; she feeds him information and gives him a direction and a drive that he doesn’t really have on his own.

Like many others in the Academy, Mei knows that something is happening. She feels it in her gut. Every time she comes out of a classroom feeling like she learned nothing, or comes out of a shop with something she didn’t really want. Every time she talks to a random classmate and comes out thinking that they barely said anything at all. Something here is seriously wrong…

…it has to be the teachers. They’re the ones with the real power here. Every one of them acts like they have something to hide. Her sensei Ryota might be on her side, but she doesn’t completely trust him either. It’s time to find out what’s really going on.

Class Schedule

Senior English (A), Psychology (A-), Calculus (A), Intro to Government (B+), Ancient Languages (B+), Advanced Chemistry (B)


Mei: Mei and Honoka have long been friends (major), since the two of them spent detention together in 4th grade. Not long after she met Ryota, who took her in as her honored sensei (major) and trained her in the art of the sword. Mei is now taking on the role of teacher herself, and is training (major) Declan in swordplay. She hates (major) Rui for being a coward and not living up to what he could be. Mei is suspicious (major) of Anna for her connection with Rui, and because she thinks Anna has something up her sleeve. Finally, her comrade (major) Everett has earned her respect as a warrior, but she worries about his relationships with others. Mei believes in getting to the bottom of things (defining).

Geggath: Geggath hates (major) Catamira, the Broken Hand, for encroaching on her conceptual territory with her blood-red hands of murder. However, she is fascinated (major) with Yondan, the Flame Without Fuel, for much the same reason – Yondan’s red flame somehow captures Geggath’s obsession without repelling her as Catamira does.


Mei is an excellent student, diligent and self-aware. She’s particularly good at seeing the connections between things, whether metaphorical or mathematical. She knows her strengths and moves to shore up her weaknesses. She can work as the center of her friend network and an influential student and keep her grades up only because she knows herself well. She’s comfortable delegating and asking for help. If only the people around her were more reliable…

In battle, Mei is not an athletic fighter. She locks eyes with her opponent, parries with small motions, and cuts for the wrist early. She fights with the black blade called Collapse, which drinks the force of blows directed at it and yields nothing in return. Those who strike at her find their momentum sapped.

The Red Mist conceals violence and brings terror. When Mei fights, each strike releases just a bit more of the mist into the air. Eventually, Mei’s enemies are blinded by the red spray. If they fought her long enough, they would begin to choke on it. Mei, of course, is unaffected, allowing her to strike with deadly precision. Unlike many of her classmates, Mei is well aware of the effects that arise when she fights, and takes full advantage of them.

Outside of battle, Geggath grants Mei an instinctive sense of the strength of potential opponents. To the Red Mist, all who live are potential opponents. She can sense essence flows and charm usage as if they were water rushing past her body. If there were more places of power in the Contorted Blocks she might be able to sense that as well, but there are no manses here. She knows when she’s outmatched. She can tell who has potential and who doesn’t. Unlike her fellow students, she won’t spend any time trying to recruit the faceless nonentities that are the majority of her classmates – she’ll go straight for the important people.


  • How can I uncover this conspiracy without looking like I’m going crazy?
  • Are they turning us students against one another, or is that just us?

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