Mio – Rishimoro, The Queen with the Coral Heart

Mio 500

Blood Type: B


Mio is a year older than most of the students at the Academy. She remembers being held back in an earlier grade (which one? It’s unclear…). She resented it at the time, but appreciates it now. It gives her a perspective just slightly more seasoned than that of her peers. Mio knows herself a little better, rushes less, thinks more carefully. She tends to see her fellow students as being impetuous and overly emotional, and if she perhaps corrects too far in the other direction, at least she ends up with less pain and drama. The other students respect her for her maturity… those who notice it.

While she normally plays the observer, Mio is being drawn into events at the Academy. Balancing her relationships with Everett and Abigail takes up a lot of time. (The two of them know about each other. Their relationship is complicated, not a comedy.) Everett is involved in… whatever is happening here… and he’s convinced Mio that Abigail needs to be too. Honestly, he seems to be recruiting an army. He’s trying to mend walls with Henry. He’s talking to Olivia again. Mio can tell that even if nothing’s happening, Everett might be making something happen, which isn’t necessarily good.

She needs more information. And, preferably, everyone needs to calm down just a bit.

Mio is asking questions, but she’s primarily just trying to get everyone to calm down and stop jumping down each other’s throats over something that’s probably not even happening. Everett could stand to slow his recruitment drive. Honoka doesn’t need to be trying to rile people up.  Anna could honestly just stand to shut her drama mouth. If people could just take their causes and ratchet them back a few notches, we could all just get out of school and move on.

Class Schedule

Senior English (A-), Philosophy (B), Poetry and Verse (B+), Anatomy (B), Music Theory (A), Mythology (B+)


Mio: Mio is suspicious (major) of Ryota, wanting to know why he’s hanging out with younger people in the first place and what his real motivation is. She and Henry are unhappy with each other (major). Their previous relationship was already sour when she started dating (major) Everett, but she’s not really expecting that to go anywhere. She’s also dating (major) Abigail, which came out of nowhere and which she’s still trying to figure out. Mio believes in the Middle Path, or as she puts it, don’t go overboard (defining).

Rishimoro: Rishimoro is envious (major) of Lemeth, That Without Pity, for the way in which Lemeth can brush away the cares of others and the needs of the world. She feels scorn (major) for Ameria, She Who Reviled Form, for abandoning her physical body, and is scorned in return for her love of her own. Rishimoro knows that Shotindo, the Wheel of Light, longs for her, and that Mrith, the Unheard Truth, is jealous of her, but feels nothing in return. Her mind is taken up by more important people.


Mio is good at keeping people at a distance (with the exception of Abigail). She hides her feelings well. Her friends know exactly where her boundaries are and how serious she is about them. Despite being held back a year, Mio is no idiot. She applies herself in the classroom, often doing homework at lunchtime so that she can have more time to spend with friends after school.

Mio’s punches are distractions. Her legs are her real weapon. She fights with sweeps, kicks, knees, and unbalancing. Her ideal move is to sweep someone to the ground and knock them out with an axe kick. If caught in a grapple, she’ll use leg locks and quick, short palm-heel strikes to escape. Against someone with a weapon she’ll use quick footwork to fight toward their weak side, taking advantage of them when they turn to strike her.

Rishimoro makes Mio beloved. It is difficult to gather the will to strike her in battle, and harder still to finish her off when given the opportunity. As she fights more, the world around her grows warmer, more welcoming, more loving. Mio’s rib-cracking side kicks are accompanied by a paradoxical feeling of homecoming. At its strongest, this feeling visually limns Mio with a flickering pink aura.

Greater benefits come when Rishimoro acts outside of a battle. It is difficult to act with anything but love or respect toward Mio. This is not always positive, as she also attracts envy, suspicion, and resentment – love can sometimes manifest in painful ways, and even respect can be wary. The upshot is that while people can feel however they want about Mio, they can’t ignore her. Her words strike home. There is always something compelling in even the worst of her ideas.


  • Why can’t people just let go of this drama?
  • Where am I going after I graduate? Why can’t anyone answer that question?

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