Miyu – Catamira, The Broken Hand

Miyu 500

Blood Type: B


Miyu is fascinated by things that most people find repellent. Murder, blood, guts, lies, and perversity all get her attention. She’s a fan of both cognitive and musical dissonance. In the classroom, she’s the one dissecting frogs, reading morbid poems, and most definitely wearing black.

She’s also a keen observer. Miyu is rarely involved in the drama that happens at the Academy, but she’s often right at the edge of it, watching it happen with rapt attention. She’ll hang out in the halls after detention, or wander the woods in the park, hoping to catch her classmates doing yet another stupid thing. Her respect for her peers is generally pretty low.

Miyu is also one of the few students who ventures into the rest of the city on a regular basis. She’s not stupid about it – she brings someone else with her, usually Henry or Honoka. (After all, there are wolves there.) Her trips there have sometimes ended up with her waking up back at the Academy in the morning, remembering only some bizarre sunset over an impossible skyline. Most of the students’ memories fade over time, but this memory is beginning to stick with her.

Class Schedule

Senior English (C), Anatomy (A), Advanced Biology (B+), Poetry and Verse (A), Mythology (B), Psychology (B)


Miyu: Miyu and Henry are rivals (major) – at some point one of them started daring the other to do better, and it escalated. She loves it. She hates (major) Olivia, on the other hand, finding her enigmatic manner pretentious and irritating. She’s interested (major) in Everett, and doesn’t realize that he’s using her in the conflict against Soma. If she knew that was happening and realized that he’s trying to pull the same thing with Olivia, she might be angry enough to switch sides.

Catamira: Catamira is allied (major) with Iskonu, the Hound of Destiny, and the two have taught each other some of the deep secrets of their power. She and Zerith, She Without Flaw, are enemies (major). Once they were lovers, and the end of love is rarely clean. However she may plot against Zerith, it is little compared to the intensity of hatred (major) that she feels for Geggath, the Red Mist, who claims that Catamira insults her simply by being.


Miyu does well when she cares, and fails when she doesn’t. Some subjects are natural attractors for her (biology, poetry); others are “boring” and not worth pursuing (math, english). She’s especially not interested in things that everyone else considers important.

Miyu is an untrained but vicious brawler. She’ll grasp and twist, lunge and tear, going for throats and eyes and vitals. She’s excellent at feints and fake-outs. She almost always comes away from a fight injured in some way, having taken a hit in order to close with her foe.

Catamira disconnects causes from effects. Under her influence, undertakings fail to have their intended consequences, or any consequences at all. A sword blow strikes home; no wound is left. An impassioned speech is given; the crowd wanders away in boredom. Imagine her power as a simple reply to any action: “It never happened.”

There are two limitations to Catamira’s power beyond the need for sufficient essence. The first is that it requires her to see the cause – she doesn’t need to be aware of an event’s the original cause, but the chain of causality cannot be obscured from her if she is to break it. The second is that her power is, at its heart, a thing of unpoetic endings rather than beginnings. She cannot cause something to happen, she can only cause it not to happen.

When Miyu is in a fight, her hands begin to bleed without cause. A scratch becomes a gash, which spreads across her hands. Eventually, blood drips constantly from her fingertips, flinging across the battlefield when she strikes. Her fingernails lengthen and sharpen into talons. Her foes hear constant, angry laughter coming from her hands.


  • Why does everyone act like they can’t figure out who they are?
  • Why do I want Everett so bad?

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