Olivia – Degata, Destiny’s Raiment

Olivia 500

Blood Type: A


Olivia’s role in the Academy was the one that Everett stole. She was once the one who was well-loved and admired. She was the teachers’ pet and the unspoken leader of the student body. When Everett came, his novelty grabbed attention away from Olivia, and his charisma kept it. They had a fling, the two of them – Olivia was not without charisma herself, after all – but when it was over, he had moved on, and everyone went with him. She found herself with fewer friends, less attention from the faculty, and less to do in general.

She was sad, at first. Resentful. And then she moved on. Olivia reinvented herself. She focused on her schoolwork. She traded her people-pleasing attitude for one that puts her at a greater emotional distance. She put down the sword that she never really liked anyway, and learned a new martial arts style. She’s a much different person than she was a few years ago. Really, she may have moved on effectively than Everett did – he’s back to talking to her again for reasons she doesn’t understand.

Soma was a big part of Olivia’s maturation. The two of them talked many times about the need for change – for everything to change over time. Olivia’s own transformation from the popular girl to a more balanced young woman was very important to her, and she wants to help other people through that process as well. Soma was helpful to her – she’ll certainly be helpful to others as well.

Class Schedule

Senior English (B), Multivariable Calculus (A), Advanced Physics (B), Journalism (B), Philosophy (A), Comparative Religion (A)


Olivia: Olivia hates (major) Miyu for the way Miyu keeps trying to ruin her composure. She suspects (major) that Soma is manipulating her, but knows that Soma might also have a valid point. She and Anna have mutual disdain (major): Olivia thinks that swords are for the weak, and Anna thinks that bareknuckle fighters are chumps. She and Everett were involved once, and she’s uncertain (major) as to why he’s talking to her again. She believes that everyone needs a chance to grow (defining), and she’s looking to help them do it.

Degata: Degata regrets (major) the end of her time with Kettering, He Whom the World Denies, though she cannot remember now quite how it happened or what life was like before. There is simply an emptiness that fills her with remorse. Her feelings for Ameria, She Who Reviled Form, are much more clear: Ameria’s words have earned her nothing but disgust (major) from Degata. Degata knows that Shotindo, the Wheel of Light, is proud of her for her accomplishments, but would rather that Shotindo simply let the matter drop.


Both studious and ambitious, Olivia works for the long term. She has blown past most of her classmates. She’s doubled down on math and science courses, always her forte, and put in the extra effort to do well in softer subjects. She’s interested in ideas about self-improvement and the potential for change in everyone, and finds those strikingly lacking in the local philosophy course. Her memory for facts isn’t great, so she uses mnemonics and flashcards to help. She’s also an excellent public speaker. She can give a rousing motivational speech, or rally those who have been disheartened.

Olivia is a grappler with excellent control over her balance. She stays in close during a fight, thrashes her opponent, throws them into walls, and then closes again before they can recover. Her foes rarely have room to breathe. She won’t take a hit to give a hit; instead, she’ll throw her coat to distract and annoy her foes, slip out of it, and grab them from the other side.

Destiny’s Raiment is literally Olivia’s clothing, at all times. In another world, one person might be able to pass this clothing to another. Here, Olivia and the Raiment are bound together in one soul. No matter what she wears, it is Destiny’s Raiment. If she takes off her coat, it ceases to be Destiny’s Raiment as it flutters to the ground. If she puts on a hat, the demon has grown. As Olivia fights, the clothing draws insubstantial, thin, white lines to the world around her. At first they’re almost invisible. Eventually they show her connection to all people and all things.

The demon protects Olivia’s fate. If she would be affected by magic that relies on her being within fate or being outside of it, treat her as being in the more beneficial category. Anything that would keep her from achieving her fate, whatever it might be, is deflected or blunted. Most importantly, this makes her almost impossible to kill. She can be wounded, but not fatally. Degata has also nudged her at certain times, pushing her toward Soma, away from Ryota (or perhaps Kettering), and toward any newcomers who might appear in the Academy. Her free will and social skills remain untouched, but circumstances favor (or oppose) her first impressions.


  • Why are people so wary of Soma?
  • Is Everett ever going to grow up?

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