Ryota – Kettering, He Whom the World Denies

Ryota 500

Blood Type: AB


Ryota was recruited to Public Upper School #142 twelve years ago, to teach writing and composition to young minds and to educate hearts as well as minds. Like most teachers, he has burned out a little. He arrived in the morning (or woke up at his desk), taught his classes, did his grading, went to the bar to drink, and remembered little or nothing of his presumably tiny apartment. Students came and went for years, and Ryota had little concern.

Three years ago, however, a class entered the school that began to awaken something in his mind. He took on one of them (Mei) as a student in the art of the sword. He watched as the leadership of the student body changed. This new group – they were different. He started caring about his work. He began preparing for his courses again. Ryota knew, somehow, that this senior class would be something special.

On his breaks and after work, Ryota often walks in the forest park near the Academy, enjoying the shade and smelling the flowers. He doesn’t go to the bar any more – he’s not sure what interest it ever held for him.

Ryota is unlikely to get involved in “purely student matters,” as he sees the squabbles amongst his Senior English students. He’s more interested in raising them all up, helping all of them learn and grow together. It’s a good thought, but several people want to convince him that more could happen, and that he’s a key piece of what’s happening.

Class Schedule

Ryota teaches all sections of Senior English.


Ryota: Ryota was Mei’s first sensei (major), and still thinks of himself as a mentor to her. Evelyn is more like a little sister (major) to him – not quite a friend, but only for the age difference. He’s suspicious (major) of Mio. She’s well-connected enough that Soma would love to control her, and he’s not sure where she stands. Ryota still holds out hope for a peaceful resolution, but it won’t take a lot for him to be persuaded by Honoka‘s arguments. He believes that people should meet their potential (defining), which is what led him to be a teacher in the first place.

Kettering: Kettering regrets (major) the life he must once have had with Degata, Destiny’s Raiment, though he knows not why. More recently his attention has turned to Ameria, She Who Reviled Form, and his lust (major) is aroused by her rejection of that which has rejected him. He is terrified (major) of Lemeth, That Without Pity, whom he feels might destroy him without hesitation should the moment arise.


Ryota is an experienced teacher of literature. He not only knows how to write well and read critically, but also how to keep the attention of his students and see when he is being understood. His particular literary love is long, meandering, epic works that showcase all of human nature in one tremendous volume. His favorite of these is The Broken-Winged Crane.

Ryota is also an excellent swordsman, capable of teaching a clean, smooth, fluid style to those with a mind to learn it. He encourages honesty in his classroom, and demands discipline on the training floor. He believes in the connection between calligraphy and swordwork, and thus his makeshift dojo in the school’s disused meditation rooms is covered with calligraphic scrolls on every wall.

Kettering is apart from all things. The wind does not chill him. Fire cannot burn him. If a building fell on Ryota, Kettering would ensure that he was sheltered in some way. Ryota cannot eat, but Kettering says that hunger cannot harm him, so it matters not. Kettering is denied all of these things and more by the world, and has no desire to rejoin with such rude matter. Only reluctantly, when Ryota subconsciously desires it, will Kettering let him interact with things. Kettering’s power is not perfect, however. It does not extend to other things not of the mundane world: the works of the Exalted, or of the Fair Folk, or others similarly powerful.

In battle, only attacks enhanced with essence can strike at Ryota. As a fight progresses, Ryota slowly lifts off the ground, becoming lighter on his feet until he skates through the air and flies sword-first at his opponents.


  • Why can I not remember where I live?
  • Why is this year different?
  • Where did I learn to wield the sword?

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