End of Demon City Project X

And that’s the end of Demon City Project X! I hope you enjoyed it. It was a lot of work – probably the most difficult setting I’ve written so far. I also learned a lot about what makes things easy or hard for me to write, and what helps me dig into a character and really get at their core.

There will be a brief intermission while I work on the next setting. Hopefully this intermission will genuinely be brief, and not the nearly three months that this last one took.

Until then, here’s the preview:

In the far northeast, in a quiet valley, the people live with the footprints of giants. Houses and huts are built beside tremendous structures from a bygone era. Snow and nature spirits dance alongside bridges that once supported more than mere mortals.

The gigantes left their lands long ago – but they also left their curios. Here in the shadows of giants and the fringes of the Wyld, a giant girl’s playthings have come to life. Some are here to protect the people of the glen. Some are here to take advantage of them. Still others would prefer to purify them.

They may be dolls, but their stories say that they are more, too. What secrets will you find? What strange allies will you gather, here in the Giant’s Glen?


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