Giant’s Glen Relationship Map

This setting’s relationship map is a little different: it uses proximity to show the stories of the characters as they traveled together.



For those who are not helped by visual aids, we present this summary, with a little extra detail:

Juri and Argent are twin sisters who came to reside in Chestnut Ford.

Ramia lived in Pinedeep Village for years, and Ivy joined her more recently, after Ivy’s change.

Siean rescued Flam, and the two of them traveled to Stonewall Township together, where they met Salome.

Sia and Mari are sisters who traveled together for quite a while. They joined with Ishowo and Koyokoyo (not long after those two met), and were also joined by Margery. Salome banded together with them for the Great Battle, but left after they arrived at Pinedeep.

Maska and Boral met not long ago, just after Boral’s change, but soon parted company. Maska met Ishowo’s band just before they arrived at Pinedeep. Boral has just joined them all there.


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