Flam, Wanderer


A thousand years ago, the story says, one of the giants was a great sorcerer. He had a familiar in the form of a parrot – but one fit to stand on the shoulders of a titan! It was a great sharp-beaked creature capable of carrying off a horse, with bright feathers like stained glass in the sunset. Flam’s family says that the sorcerer so loved his familiar that, on his death, he granted it human form so that it might live life anew. They claim to be descendant from that bird. From their hair, one could believe them.

Flam’s family is a troupe of traveling acrobats. They have performed across much of the northeast. She, despite her parents’ best efforts, was always a better con artist than an acrobat. They would swing from the trapezes; she would set up card and shell games beneath. When there wasn’t enough money coming in from spectators, she would cheat a little, to make up the difference.

Eventually she was caught. Her family left her to face her punishment, rather than having all of them dragged down with her. It would have ruined them all. Flam is still a little bitter about this. She faced an ancient traditional punishment for thieves – the loss of a hand – and her family still left her out to dry.

Fortunately, she met Siean, who helped her escape. At first Flam was just running another con – this one to save her own life. There were hijinks. There were adventures. There were, yes, a few honesty issues. And there was love. Flam lost some of her cynicism. Her carefully cultivated air of enthusiasm became genuine. She’ll follow Siean wherever she wants to go.



Flam has brightly colored hair: red over most of her head, with green, yellow, and blue over her right ear. She uses makeup and berry juice to create a reddish stain across her face at eye level, about the same color as the hair. Her skin is light, her eyes dark.

She enjoys having a number of outfits, but her favorites are fairly provocative: bared midriffs, low necklines, short sleeves, skirts worn low on the hips. Even in the depths of winter she finds a way to draw eyes with her clothing.


Idealistic and emotional. Flam has gone from being a loner to being a follower. Her faith in others has been restored, and perhaps she’s gone a bit too far that direction, but she’s not naive. She often feels like she needs to keep Siean away from those who would take advantage of her. That can lead to some snap judgments, and she had a hard time admitting when those are wrong.

Flam has always wanted to belong. She wasn’t quite part of her family (they were acrobats, she wasn’t). She was an outsider at the towns and cities they frequented. Oh, she made connections with people, but then she and her family moved to the next town, and when they came back everyone else had moved on with their lives. Salome has given her a place to stay, which is wonderful and all, but Siean gave her heart a home.

Intimacies: Siean is wonderful (defining), Salome is a good ally (major), My family is a bunch of jerks (major), Look out for yourself (major), The people of Stonewall


Flam can do a little of everything. Sleight-of-hand, con jobs, knife-throwing, acrobatics… anything that might earn someone a few extra bits on the street. Her winning smile can draw in the rubes or hide her own mood. She’s good at using her striking hair and her looks to draw attention. She can even sing passably. While she’s never had the sorcerous talent that her ancestor supposedly possessed, she’s glad to fake it with a little flash powder and a smoke bomb.

After spending some time traveling with Siean, Flam also picked up a talent for exploration. She can lay traps for rabbits, build a shelter in the woods, forage and fish, and find places to stay warm in winter. Her only flaw is that she can’t read a map. Without Siean she’d be lost.

Flam’s been pushed into a fight more than once on the road, not to mention growing up with a circus family full of rowdy brothers. She’s an excellent bare-knuckled fighter. Her doll construction gives her hard fists and makes her faster and stronger than she looks. Her usual tactic is to move in fast, take her opponents by surprise, and knock them down a few pegs before they can start defending themselves. When outnumbered she’ll use dirty tricks and turn the terrain to her advantage – climbing up to rooftops, ducking behind woodpiles, and throwing dirt into faces.

Perhaps her greatest talent is to tell stories. Flam loves a good tale, and likes being part of one even better. She can keep a group of children at rapt attention, and their parents too. It used to be part of the job of the con. Now it makes people smile, and she loves it.

Supporting Characters

  • Kalabim, the local jester. Jovial, conceited, sloppy.
  • Ketriana Petalhand, who sells Flam the flowers that she brings to Siean. Courteous, joking, creative.
  • Bieter Longaxe, a woodsman who says he’s seen Siean’s book. Debonair, light-hearted, spontaneous.
  • Emea Fiddle, who has a crush on Flam. Strong-willed, sweet, lonely.


  • How much does Flam know about Salome’s plans for the villagers? Would she still help Salome if she knew?
  • Is Flam still scamming anyone here, or has she truly reformed? What will she think of Argent and Juri when she sees them?

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