Siean, the Sorceress


There are five Great Sorcerous Families in the northeast of Creation. There are the biblomancers, the map-drawers, the rune-scribers, the scroll-painters, and the branders. (Each claims a different origin for their power, but for practical purposes they are so similar that there must have been a common origin.) One child is born in each family, in each generation, with the seed of great power in them. That child is found and trained by their elder, and becomes the next sorcerer. The catch is that no one knows who the magician will be. Any child that shows aptitude must be trained until the one with the gift is found.

Siean’s family are biblomancers. She was a voracious reader as a child, so she was trained in the basics of sorcery. When she didn’t quite take to it right away, her family paid her less attention. Nevertheless, she loved hearing the stories. Her grandmother told her once of a mighty book of power, the Opus Incantem, that was being kept away from the world by a race of giants. Siean, having an eye for maps, saw Giant’s Grove tucked away in a corner on an ancient parchment. Now this was something worthy of her attention. She snuck away in the night, with full pack of supplies, what money she could save, and a copy of the map.

Along the way she met Flam. Their first meeting was a bit unorthodox, what with Flam being held in stocks at the time. Nevertheless, Siean found herself charmed, and couldn’t stand to see Flam lose a hand for the crime of feeding her family. She helped Flam escape – not spell-work, just a quick hand with a borrowed chisel – and the two of them have been inseparable ever since. All her life Siean had been surrounded by people who were introspective, book-smart, and cautious, like herself. Flam was vivacious, outgoing, and clever in a way that caught Siean by surprise. Siean loves her.

Her family didn’t pursue her at first. They thought they had found the sorceress elsewhere, and if some foolish adolescent wanted to make her way in the world, well, she’d be back as soon as she started running out of supplies. It had happened before. It didn’t happen this time. They eventually started looking for her. They suspect that she might have been this generation’s sorceress after all. Perhaps more importantly, they realized why she left, and they have started looking for the book as well. It could provide the leverage they need to finally get the upper hand over the other four families.

With recovered histories and more detailed maps, Siean has tracked the location of the book to an ancient fortress once held by the Axe Knights. She has agreed to help Salome in exchange for the book (for which Salome had never found any use in the first place). Unfortunately, between them and the book lies Ishowo’s group and a valley of Wyld-tainted barbarians.



Siean has striking purple hair, of the sort usually only found in the northwest where Air and Water meet. Her skin is off-white with pink overtones. Around her green eyes is an intricate tattoo that looks almost like a mask.

Her clothing is mostly cream and purple, tending toward more conservative dresses and traveling clothes. Around her neck she wears a bell necklace that Flam bought for her. She has, thankfully, applied a bit of cloth to silence it.


Smart and well-trained, but inexperienced. Siean is the youngest of her trio. She’s not quite so much shy as simply introverted, and she knows she’s in a situation where she can’t succeed on her own. She prefers to let others take the lead. She’ll watch Flam and Salome to see how they react to someone.

When she’s more in her element, or with Flam, Siean is frankly adorable. Quick-witted and funny, confident but not pushy, Siean fits in well with most groups once she’s used to them. Most of the time, though, she’s studying and researching instead of hanging out with friends.

Intimacies: Flam is my love (defining), Salome and I have struck a good bargain (major), Knowledge for its own sake (major), Don’t let anyone hurt you (major), Surprises are fun, I miss my family.


Siean’s magic is slow and subtle. In game terms, she is a sorceress, but one who knows no spells. Instead, she uses methodical workings to change the world around her. Each working that she casts is a book that she writes, or which she assembles from the words of other books. Given the relative scarcity of books in Creation, this can be an expensive proposition. The better the writing in the book, the more powerful the working will be.

As a bibliomancer, Siean also reads a half-dozen different languages. She is excellent at breaking codes and ciphers. Her calligraphy is perhaps not the best, but she’s fast at copying and scribing. Her memory is very good, and she can usually write down conversations from a day or two ago verbatim. She’s not a great writer, but for her magic, the words don’t need to be hers anyway.

Siean has used her magic to gain a number of advantages. Her facial tattoos are actually thin writing in a pattern around her eyes. They allow her to see more than mortal eyes, including spirits and essence flows. She can breathe water and heals quickly. She has given herself a resistance to the bitter cold that can drape across the northeast in winter. Finally, should anyone bother her, her stare can function as a literal whip as long as her eyes are not covered. This last bit was encouragement from Flam, who thought that she had best be able to defend herself, and who also had some choice words about her glare one day. Flam thought it was kind of funny afterward.

Beyond her magic, Siean is intelligent, diligent, strong-willed, and logical. She’s an attentive observer with sharp eyes and ears. Like most stereotypical academics, she’s not strong of arm or long of breath. She can be charismatic, but needs to feel comfortable first, which limits her social aptitude.

Supporting Characters

  • Utheo Chartsmith, local scribe and inkmaker. Dependable, meticulous, deranged.
  • Raethal Blackhands, who tutored Siean in bibliomancy. Mistrusting, touchy, determined.
  • Feras Fletcher, who is helping hunt Siean down for her family. Mysterious, uncaring, disturbed.
  • Selma Greylock, whose house is Stonewall’s library. Educated, obsequious, night owl.


  • How close is Siean’s family to finding the book?
  • Will Siean look the other way when Salome wants to wipe out the villages?

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