Ishowo, Rabbit Knight


Ishowo was the youngest of the Rabbit Knights. There were never very many of them, but they were proud and valorous and strong, and they protected the people who lived on the edges of Creation. Unlike many such orders, the Rabbit Knights never refused to protect those whom the Wyld had touched. Those people (the knights reasoned) had already suffered enough at the hands of fickle chaos. They deserved protection no less than any others, and needed it more.

This is because the Rabbit Knights were, themselves, past captives of the Raksha. Each of them had once been abducted by the Fair Folk. The Knights executed daring rescues when they could, but more often they found those whom the Raksha had cast off after growing tired of them. Ishowo was one who escaped on her own.

On her way to freedom she also rescued her consort, a faun named Koyokoyo. The two have been inseparable ever since. While Koyokoyo did not have the proper temperament to join the Rabbit Knights, she and Ishowo have traveled together for many years. Others eventually joined Ishowo in her quests as well, from the dragon-sisters Sia and Mari to the towering but kind Margery.

The Rabbit Knights’ fey origin put them constantly at odds with the Axe Knights, who were sworn to destroy everything the Wyld had tainted. Ishowo’s fellow knights clashed with Salome’s frequently over the years. The two orders joined forces only once: to defend a settlement from a riding of Fair Folk warriors. Unfortunately, the forces of chaos were too strong. Both orders perished in the battle. Of all the knights, only Ishowo and Salome survived.

The two of them struck a tentative truce afterward. This broke quickly when Ishowo took pity on a Wyld-touched village called Pinedeep. Salome could not bear to ally herself with such “devilish creatures.” The two of them fought, and Salome left. Ishowo would have moved on to find another place for her and her allies to recuperate, but Koyokoyo wouldn’t let her. She knew that Salome would never rest until these people were destroyed.

As usual, Ishowo found herself swayed by the faun. She convinced the others to stay and guard Pinedeep and the other villages in the Glen.



Ishowo has tanned skin, with lighter markings in several places, including around her right wrist and her left eye. Two large rabbit ears come from the top of her head. They are much too large to conceal under a hat. Her hair is partly the same light tan as her body, and partly white. Her eyes are orange-brown.

While she knows how to fight in heavy armor, Ishowo owns none and rarely wears it. She carries her sword most places, and wears a ceremonial shirt that has armor stylings but is more heavy than protective.

Ishowo’s companion animal Lucas is a great cat the size of a lion, with the markings of a housecat, strangely blunted teeth, and a stiff, bushy tail. His eyes are a beautiful blue-green. He’s not fond of people other than Ishowo and Koyo.


Ishowo is a born leader. She has the bravery of a knight: confident enough in herself not only to fight, but to listen to others as well. She has compassion, too: she has seen her share of pain in life, but knows that others have fared far worse. Her allies look up to her. In truth, she is perhaps a bit more self-assured than she should be. After all, she escaped the Fair Folk not once, but twice. She might be challenged, but defeated? Ha.

In her heart, she is a forester, in the old sense. She loves being in the wilderness, especially in wooded areas like the Glen. She rests at the feet of the pines. She climbs the maples and oaks. She sits in their branches, listens to the wind through the branches, smells the leaves in autumn, and smiles to herself. When she can, that is. She is too busy for this on most days. Sadly, she can only find time to be herself once in a while. Her duties must come first.

Intimacies: Protect the weak and needy, (defining), Koyokoyo is my better half (major), My allies (major), Don’t let anyone find out about me and Koyo (major), Take good care of Lucas (major), Trust but verify


As a Rabbit Knight, Ishowo learned swordplay, formation fighting, and tactics. She keeps in top fighting form with daily practice and exercise, and can outrun any of her companions over short or long range. She has an excellent eye for details, but is better at slow consideration than quick reactions. She’s not a great speaker, but her friends value her for her dedication rather than her charisma. They’ll speak for her when the need arises.

Ishowo is especially good at fighting from horseback – or in her case, from the back of a fearsome beast mutated by pure chaos. (She’s not above using the Fair Folk’s weapons against them.) Lucas isn’t the most obedient mount in the world, but he’s clever in a fight, weaving in amongst larger beasts, hissing the frighten them, running up slopes or trees where they can’t follow and leaping from above. In quiet moments he wants nothing more than to lay his head in Ishowo’s lap and pur. He gets along unexpectedly well with herd beasts.

In this country, traveling the wilderness means traveling the Wyld. Ishowo learned how to track quarry through both. She isn’t too familiar with the Fair Folk themselves (having been told to avoid them whenever possible), but she does know what plants might provide potable water, which animals are edible and which poisonous, and where to weather the worst of the storms that change living creatures into wooden statues.

Supporting Characters

  • Sevren Haypacker, who takes care of Pinedeep’s domestic caribou and Lucas. Obstinate, empathetic, organized.
  • Heta Bricklayer, de facto leader of Pinedeep before Ishowo’s band arrived. Uptight, pious, patient.
  • Wundi Oneleg, an elder who is one of Ishowo’s advisors. Virtuous, wary, fidgety.
  • Mannik Woodcarver, who makes dolls himself and feels very awkward now. Focused, self-conscious, playful.


  • Did any Fair Folk survive the clash with the Axe and Rabbit Knights? If so, are they in the Glen?
  • Why is Ishowo ashamed of her relationship with Koyokoyo?

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