Koyokoyo, Lost Fawn


Koyokoyo was a great hunter. Well, not quite. She wanted to be a great hunter, and she was very good with her crossbow, but she had trouble finding the deer. Where are you supposed to wait for them, anyway? She played the harmonica to call them just like that nice woman in Chestnut Ford said, but none came! So she ended up becoming a fisher-woman instead… or… well… she tried very hard to be a fisher-woman, and ended up scaring all the fish. She cut her hole in the ice, and tried stomping on the ice to call the fish like the village woman said, and nothing happened. And so she tried stomping harder, and it turns out that the ice wasn’t quite as thick as it should have been, and Koyokoyo had get off the lake very fast. She was pretty bad at farming, too, but she never stopped trying.

One day Koyokoyo was walking through the forest and heard a sad and beautiful song. She went to investigate, to see if the singer wanted any company, because sometimes it’s lonely when you’re in the forest on your own. Long story short, that’s how she became the bait in a trap that the Fair Folk were making for a behemoth. Koyokoyo ended up scared and crying and stuck in this awful pit, just waiting for some terrible beast to fall in and devour her.

That’s where Ishowo found her. This brave and beautiful knight climbed down the walls of the trap and wiped away Koyo’s tears. Then she helped her climb out, and the two of them escaped the Fair Folk together. Ishowo hasn’t been able to get rid of Koyo since. She’s been the heart and soul of their little band. She’s enthusiastic when times are tough, comforting when life gets hard… and a disturbingly ruthless sniper against the Fair Folk.

After the great battle that left the Axe Knights and Rabbit Knights devastated, Koyo discovered a forest village called Pinedeep where her companions could rest and recover – and where they met more people like themselves. Salome, unfortunately, couldn’t stand it. The villagers had strange eyes, growths on their backs, misshapen ears, extra fingers, and showed every indication of being hurt by the Wyld in the past. When Salome stormed off, it was Koyo who insisted to her allies that they had to stay and protect these people. She knew that it was just a matter of time before Salome came back to massacre the villagers.

So they’ve dug in here, and helped the people, and prepared them for what seems like an inevitable battle against Salome and her new allies. Koyokoyo has been at the forefront of all of this. Salome might not have known about Koyo’s ears – she kept them concealed – but they could hear Salome’s bigotry just fine.



Koyokoyo’s skin ranges from pale white to a tan almost like sandstone. She has freckles on her face and dimples when she smiles (which is often). She has a cute upturned nose and bright blue eyes. Black ram-like horns come from behind her head, and her feet end in hooves – a legacy of her time in the Wyld that she often pretends are from being the child of a god. She isn’t, but people think twice before bothering someone who might be.

Koyo adores “cute” clothing, of the sort that one normally saves for small children. She often wears flower-print dresses, bows, ribbons, and bright colors. These inevitably become dirty from wear and tear in the woods.


Kindly, enthusiastic, friendly, and peppy. Koyokoyo is as sweet and Ishowo is gruff and direct, and the warrior is constantly working to keep her friend’s nature-loving exploits from ending her life. Koyo would try to pet a wolf. She’d sneak up on a caribou to try to get a little thorn out of its fur. She sees small animals stuck in trees and tries to get them down. Her friends try to point out that these are birds and they live in the trees, but sometimes there’s no getting an idea out of her head. She doesn’t appreciate it when people call her stupid.

Koyo has hidden depths of seriousness within her. When she wants to learn something, she works very hard at it. When she wants to change something, she’s both tenacious and resilient. Sometimes there are better methods she could use to approach something, but there’s rarely a better attitude than hers on any team.

Intimacies: Ishowo is the best (defining), Friends are the most important thing you can have (major), Trust in others is rewarded (major), Don’t trust the Fair Folk (major), Take care of people and they’ll take care of you


Though she has studied a variety of different professions, Koyo has only partially learned each one. She knows how to shoot a crossbow from her time trying to be a hunter; how to wait and be still, how to forage for mushrooms and nuts and other food. From her time as a fisher-woman, she can bait a hook, make nets, and tie knots. She’s also been learning how to build a house here in the Grove. From her time as a farmer… well, she was mostly just bad at that. Don’t let her cook dinner.

Koyokoyo’s ears are very sensitive. She can hear people walking or talking from a great distance. She can also sometimes hear the secret conversations that spirits have with one another, especially if they’re trying to whisper right in front of her. Her nose is sharp enough to tell people apart and to scent an incoming thunderstorm.

In a fight, Koyo falls back behind cover (or behind her allies) and uses her crossbow. She would be in a lot of trouble one-on-one, but can be a devastating addition to a group. She’s particularly good at picking out one person in a melee and targeting just them. Keeping her allies safe is very important to her.

Koyo has a pet bird that she picked up in the forest as a chick, and pets and feeds it. Many people assume that she has it trained in some way. She has not.

Supporting Characters

  • Tetetha Clockmaker, who repairs Koyo’s crossbow when she needs it. Plucky, funny, meticulous.
  • Sebat Fisher, who laughed at Koyo’s ice-fishing stories. Gentle, agreeable, rational.
  • Runi Fisherschild, Sebat’s child, whom Koyo takes care of sometimes. Anxious, aloof, reflective.
  • Kistin Antlerbane, who hunts the caribou with Koyo. Brash, abrasive, compassionate.


  • Does Koyokoyo consider the Fair Folk to be people? If so, how is her subconscious handling her role as a sniper?

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