Sia, Dragon of Secrets


Look through your reflection in one of Creation’s rivers, into the spirit world. See the mighty legs of the mountains. Feel the heartbeat of the city. Here, every river is a dragon, and dragons sometimes take mortal lovers. They lay many eggs. They eat many of their young whom they find unworthy.

Sia’s father was a man of great beauty but no consequence. She gained little from him save the spark of life. Instead, Sia takes much more strongly after her mother. She is a creature of two worlds. She is both the foot and the fin, both the gill and the lung, both refined essence and scaled skin. Sia is a witch, and proud of it.

As perhaps the oldest of the Glen’s dolls, Sia has had more time to grow weary of the world, to become jaded at both purity and corruption. She saw her mother’s dalliances and petty politics. She joined in for a time. She grew bored. Then, eventually Sia grew jealous of her mother.

Sia saw mortals growing up and inheriting businesses and reputations from their parents… and knew that this would never happen for her. She would never inherit her mother’s river, or her power. Therefore, she decided to do better. She would become more powerful in magic. She would be more widely worshipped. She will know the world’s secrets more deeply. Eventually, Sia’s goal is to oust her mother from her own banks and take the river for herself.

More than anything, Sia swears that she will be a better mother.



Sia is large, nearing seven feet, much taller than Mari. They are both dragon-kin, and will continue to grow (and change) as they become older. Sia’s lips are naturally green, pairing with her aquamarine hair and the fins along her forearms. The rest of her skin is tanned where it does not shade into turquoise. Her large eyes are black. Black helical horns sprout from the back of her head. She wears complex and beautiful blue-green clothing, and necklaces that display her marine heritage.


Harsh, haughty, and unpredictable. She is not intentionally rude or caustic to others (well, not usually), but her feelings of superiority show quickly. She is, after all, the daughter of a goddess. She is both kindest and cruelest to Mari. Sia and Mari grew up many miles apart, never knowing about one another. When they met, Sia recognized her mother’s poor parenting immediately, and vowed to do something better with Mari. Mari puts up with this. It’s pretty annoying, but it lets her be “the good guy” in a conversation, so it’s not all bad.

Secrets are Sia’s stock in trade. She seeks to learn about the Glen, about the wyld beyond it, about the nature of herself and the other dolls. Much like her sister, she sees everything as an exchange, and won’t give away something for nothing. Koyokoyo spends a lot of time trying to convince Sia to open up and be nice to others. Sia thinks that Koyo is dangerously naive.

Sia’s drive for power has led her to make some choices that others would find distasteful. Gathering a cult, for example, rubs many people the wrong way. She has also bargained for secrets, sometimes by trading on the secrets she already held. This does not endear her to those who would speak with her in confidence.

Intimacies: I will eclipse my mother (defining), I will be a better mother to Mari (major), I will discover the nature of my being (major), Take good care of my cult, Ishowo’s honor deserves support, Ishowo is not ruthless enough to do what is necessary.


Sia is a river witch, and a powerful one. When she was young she would stir the leaves on the river from the shore, with nothing but her mind. Now she uses both willpower and sophisticated rituals to draw strength from flowing water. She can make herself fluid like water, avoiding blows or seeping through cracks. She can control water, swim through it, divert it, make it hard as ice. She can even free her mind and renew her essence, though this sweeps away her recent memories. After all, the river is never the same twice.

As the group’s loremaster, Sia is expected to know about all manner of events, people, groups, and powers. She usually comes through. Sometimes this is because of her age and experience. Other times she will call up river spirits and demand knowledge from them. Still other times, she will whisper to dark powers in the night and give them little dribs and drabs of useless knowledge about Creation in exchange for knowledge that the darkness much likewise consider useless. It’s useful enough for her.

Sia carries a few fragile vials of water for use in a fight. She’ll throw them at her opponent’s feet and strangle them with pythons of water, or douse herself and create armor as hard as ice. She’ll hurl it into the sky and blanket the ground with snow to cover an escape. She’ll boil it and throw it into her opponent’s eyes. Her tactics are unpredictable and typically quite effective. On the other hand, her size makes her a target, and unless she’s focusing on defending herself, she’s not particularly durable. During a battle Sia tends to support Ishowo and defend Mari. On such occasions, Mari gladly accepts her protection.

Supporting Characters

  • Yuri Thricebent, the leader of her cult back home. Sensitive, committed, crafty.
  • Dotta Strongback, who carries Sia’s things. Industrious, covetous, curious.
  • The Caress of the Whip, a foul spirit with whom Sia has bargained in the past and who hides around Pinedeep hoping for more. Sneaky, sleazy, reliable.
  • Gwyn Woodchopperschild, who watches Sia and wants to learn her magic. Sharp-witted, foolish, lively.


  • It is likely that Sia could recognize a Fair Folk fugitive in their midst. Has she already made a deal with them? If so, what is the nature of that deal?
  • Sia knows she’s a doll. How she reconcile this with the fact that she has a river dragon mother – and a sister? What does she think happened?

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