Margery, the Mother


Margery doesn’t believe her own story.

The story goes that she was an old giant who remained behind when the rest left. Her heart was still in the glen, in the beautiful valley where she grew up. When the others moved on, she remained. Margery went into a deep sleep and woke up hundreds of years later – and instead of being older, she was younger and smaller.

But Margery remembers what she was made for. She was crafted as a final gift to a young giantess, to commemorate her mother’s passing. Margery remembers being held and wept over. She remembers the anguish of a young woman no longer a girl. The giantess was reminded of what she had lost, and she could neither bear Margery’s sight nor put her down. Eventually the giants did leave the glen, and Margery remembers being placed into a box. What happened after that, she does not know.

Regardless of the truth of the story, meeting Ishowo and the others was like waking from a dream. Margery has traveled Creation (or at least a little of it), and met all manner of wonderful individuals: the rabbit knight and the lost faun, the dragon’s daughters and the strange twins. She found people to whom she could be a wonderful mother. Despite her misgivings about her own origins, Margery has taken Ishowo’s team under her wing. Koyokoyo’s big sad eyes suckered her in at once. She tries to make sure that everyone’s needs are met, which can be difficult with such a diverse group. Some adults, after all, still need a little help once in a while.

She’s also the first to approach outsiders. The rest of the team never quite got the knack of putting people at ease. The fact that no one in the group is more calming than a twelve-foot-tall green woman is an interesting statement about both Margery and the rest of them.



Margery is nearly twelve feet tall, with pale green skin. She is often mistaken for a giantess herself. She has hazel eyes with thin eyebrows. Her face is highly expressive, but when resting, she often looks concerned. Her long brown hair flows straight save for a few stray hairs that keep getting in her face.

She wears dresses of simple but well-made material, with white ruffles and embroidery. She wears a golden necklace with a single purple gemstone at the end. She remembers that stone being part of a crown once, but she doesn’t tell anyone. Why bring up things that are so far past.

Though there is no one here who would know it, Margery is the spitting image of an ancient queen of the giants.


Caring, peaceful, and motherly. Margery is the sort of person who makes you feel that they want to hear how you really are, joys and sorrows and all. She’s a very good listener and loves having visitors.

Margery can’t see people in need without lending a hand. She and Koyo are the team’s conscience. Koyo is more idealistic, Margery is more grounded and reasonable, but both of them care greatly for others. She makes sure there’s food, ensures that arrows get replaced, and generally takes over when important things are forgotten. She’s a little tired of it at the moment. She doesn’t intend to bring it up with Ishowo until the current crisis is over, but she’d very much appreciate anyone who lends a hand.

Margery and Ramia disagree on the nature of their people. Margery knows that she’s a doll, and that the others are too. Ramia thinks that they are dolls, but that they are also living human beings – that both are true at once. Margery won’t contradict Ramia openly, rather saying that everyone will need to make up their own minds as to the truth.

Intimacies: Take care of those who are close to you (defining), Ishowo and her band are the closest I have to family (major), The people of the Glen deserve protection (major), Ramia is deluded


Margery is sweet and understanding and communicates well. She’s just the right combination of striking and kindly to overturn others’ expectations. She keeps good eye contact, speaks warmly and firmly, and makes it clear that she’s not there to cause trouble. (On the rare occasions when she lies, no one suspects.) People still run sometimes, of course. Creation is dangerous, and she’s… well, much more so than the others, she’s clearly not human. But she’s very good at getting people to come back.

When Ishowo’s band is home in Pinedeep, Margery is generally the centerpoint. She’s good at organizing people, remembering names and faces, and multi-tasking. Since she’s been stuck at home, she’s been asking for books and stories from anyone who has time to talk. With no real historians in the area, Margery probably knows more about the Glen at this point than anyone else. She’d love to get out and walk its trails before winter comes. She’s also curious as to where the giants went, and who’s responsible for these rumors about cults and thieves’ guilds starting up in this little valley.

Despite her size, Margery is a non-combatant. She’s fragile, and easily broken. She has small fractures that run near her joints from overtaxing her strength. Ramia thinks she may be able to repair them. Until then, Margery effectively has arthritis. The others watch out for her carefully. When she goes to visit the humans, the others make sure that she is accompanied. She stays out of fights. Most of the time she stays in her oversized house and lets others come to her when they want her help. When she’s not at home, she’s usually down by the river.

Supporting Characters

  • Bjorn Woodchopper, who has taken a shine to this immense maiden. Stammering, inquisitive, generous.
  • Oleg Laddermaker, whose father owned the house where Margery stays. Tired, doubtful, helpful.
  • Bela Farmerschild, who brings Margery water every day. Defiant, melodramatic, caring.
  • Getre Layabout, a member of Juri’s cult who is relaying information about Margery and “her” band of odd characters. Demanding, disillusioned, threatening.


  • If Margery’s joints were repaired, would she want to join Ishowo in battle?

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