Ivy, Strange Elemental


Ivy is a creature of magic. There is nothing quite like her in the world.

Once she was an earth elemental. She groomed the land around wild plants, piling up the good and fertile earth so that the wood could grow from it. Perhaps you have seen her tiny piles of earth around newly-sprouted trees or crops. She existed this way for timeless ages.

Then she was poisoned.

Ramia found Ivy dying of the poison that coursed through her veins. She could not be cured – not as she was. Ivy was desperate, feeling that her story had just begun, and agreed to anything that might save her. To accomplish this, Ramia merged her with an air elemental who had tired of existence. Now the two are one. Ramia was separated from the flow of Creation’s elemental essence and born as a new being.

Or perhaps she was a doll and Ramia found her and cleaned her off. Ramia says both of these things are true. Ivy thinks that’s a little ridiculous.

Ivy is still trying to find out about herself. Currently she lives with Ramia. She doesn’t need to eat, just a little sunlight and water once in a while, so she’s a fairly unobtrusive roommate. Everything about human existence (she’s convinced she’s human now) is new to her.

Visitors to Ramia’s spirit house will see Ramia herself, meditating, four-armed and purple; Ivy floating through the air or wading knee-deep through solid earth, pushing things along or playing with random household objects; and a dozen hand-sized mannikins of rope, wood, or stone climbing all over the furniture. Growing up in such a strange environment has made Ivy a little strange herself – not that she needed any help with that.



Most of the time, Ivy looks like a small winged sprite. Orange veins course up her pale wings. Her hair is so red that it’s almost purple. Red-orange spots trace across her cheeks and upper nose, larger than freckles. Her skin is pale white. She doesn’t wear shoes.

However, Ivy is not limited to her air elemental appearance. She can alter her size by drawing on her earthen nature, becoming a massive, eight-foot-tall version of herself made of dirt and pink granite, or she can draw on the element of air to shrink and float. She is comfortable at both sizes and anything between.

Ivy loves colorful gauzy dresses and hair bangles. Luckily for her, her clothing and jewelry scale with her when she changes size. Mari will no doubt be looking for a way to monetize that.


Slow, watchful, and introverted. Ivy retains much of her personality from when she was an earth elemental. After her transformation she has become somewhat more open to change and compromise than most people. She can hold aside her judgment and ponder things from a multitude of angles. This makes her seem quiet and slow, when really she enjoys being a prankster. Some things do come from the air elemental side, after all.

Once Ivy does make up her mind about something, she’s unlikely to change it. Luckily the only people she currently holds grudges against are Argent and Juri. The two of them have been lying and cheating their way to riches in Chestnut Ford, and have even managed to bamboozle the local spirit court. Ivy would love to see them get their comeuppance.

Ivy may no longer be a true elemental, but she still cares a great deal about the land here. If there were to be war between Ishowo and Salome, it would be very destructive. Many trees would be cut down. Cliffs might be blasted to create avalanches. Ivy will be very cross with anyone who tries to start a fight.

Intimacies: The Glen must stay safe (defining), Argent and Juri are rotten people (major), Learn everything about the world (major), The people of the glen are also good I guess, Consider all the angles before acting.


Ivy has aspects of both earth and air. She can call on either of these as occasions require. She can grow large and powerful, or shrink to the size of a mouse. Her smaller forms draw on the element of air, and can fly smoothly and effortlessly. Her larger forms can swim through the ground without a trace of their passage. Ishowo is quite interested in using Ivy as a scout when Salome’s forces come marching – she should be able to get into nearly any area without being noticed.

Ivy has a few other elemental talents as well. She’s not able to dematerialize, but she can flow through small openings as air or walk straight through stone walls. She can hide things underground, or call up deposits of a particular metal. She can raise or calm the winds, hide perfectly in snow, and lower the local temperature. Those are about the limits of her ability, though. She won’t be creating earthen bridges or calling up a tornado.

When pressed into a fight, Ivy’s primary tactic is to float up high as her air-self, grow into her earth-self, and drop on an enemy. She then reconstitutes from the ground, and reduces herself to fly up and attack again. She can also grow up to a tremendous size and swat at her enemies, though she is so slow in that form that she is mostly useful against buildings and siege equipment (not that she’s ever seen a catapult). She’s not particularly accurate with any attack, to be honest, but she at least has the element of surprise on her side.

Ivy is friendly enough, but knows so little about basic human life that she can’t help but making some social gaffes. Luckily none of these have ended in disaster yet. The locals just think that she’s unbearably rude.

Supporting Characters

  • Fissure, an earth elemental who claims to have known her in the old days. Calm, gruff, impolite.
  • Weldo Cornhusker, who calls her an abomination and wants her turned out. Impudent, boring, competent.
  • Calnan Sower, who thinks she might be able to help with his farm. Cheerful, talkative, tenacious.
  • Wilona Plowerschild, who is fascinated by Ivy. Curious, slack-jawed, faithful.


  • Who poisoned Ivy? Where was she at the time, and what was she doing?
  • Would Ivy fight Ishowo rather than see the villages go to war? Does she realize how much worse it would be for the villagers if Salome won?

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