Praeceps Academy

Here’s the other thing I was working on for NaGaDeMon:


Praeceps Academy is a creepy boarding school setting where the characters slowly find what’s really going on. It’s system-agnostic, with commentary on how to use various different game systems to run it. I didn’t get this to the stage where I felt I could truly publish this by the end of the month, but I did get it far enough that I could post it online for others to use. Hopefully some day I’ll finish it up and make it available for purchase.

Here’s the game’s page on my personal design website:

Here’s a direct link in case you only want the files (ZIP, 14.5 MB).–files/praeceps/

I hope you enjoy it! I’ve had this idea lying around since I worked at boarding schools (none of them are anywhere near this creepy), and I’m glad to finally finish it off.


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