Back in the Saddle

Since November is over, I’m back to writing characters for Exalted. The current setting is coming along nicely. I have the background, appearance, and demeanor written for all 14 characters, plus images for all of them. I still need to fill in capabilities, questions, and supporting characters.

I also need to decide how much I’m going to doctor the images. Given that I’m pretty happy with this set as-is, I probably won’t do much alteration. When I was putting The Shores and Red Jade Canyon together I didn’t have as strong a set of images (at least for the purpose of fantasy art). These days I have a much better handle on what keywords will work best, so I don’t need to do as much photomanipulation. Still, it can be fun to add anima effects (like for Athanor) or stylized backgrounds (like in the Pearl). Whether I want to spend my time learning more photoshop skills or just moving on to the next setting, I’m not sure.


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