Fire and Dreams Update

Today I finished most of the writing for Between Fire and Dreams. I only need to fill in names for supporting characters, a few Intimacies, and some questions, and do some touch-up on the art. The map still needs place-names and a legend.
My hope is that I’ll be able to start posting characters next weekend or next Monday. Until then, here’s the teaser:

“They have their fires to ward off the darkness, their stone houses, and their iron swords. All we have is our dreams.”

One long night on the southern coast, a star-stone fell to the ground. It blazed bright as the noonday sun, and could be seen for three days’ walk in all directions. That was the night that people would remember for a hundred years.

That night an assassin tried to kill the queen, and was thrown aside by a burning blade. That night a chieftain’s daughter claimed her heritage in a blaze of light. That night a prince was filled with darkness, a thief began to speak with the gods, and a pariah gained the courage to speak. The land would never be the same.

Everyone knew that the meteor was an omen. You must choose what the omen will mean.

The central theme of this setting is power, especially its abuse and potential for abuse. There are characters in this setting whose stories involve some fairly awful situations. Sometimes this includes physical abuse, powerlessness, or implied rape. None of this is depicted in an “on-screen” way, and the characters who are hurt gain the power during this story to avenge or forgive as they see fit, but I felt it appropriate to give a warning here.


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