Fire and Dreams Relationship Map

Below is a relationship map showing the connections between the characters in this setting. For those who are not helped by visual representations, this information is also shown in bullet-point form below.



Kala the Returned

  • Is at war with Queen Xerith and her city-state
  • Trusts Baru to find the other Solars
  • Respects Tamosh

Queen Xerith

  • Makes war on Kala’s people to build her empire
  • Has no respect for Prince Visho

Baru, The Houseman

  • Isn’t sure how he feels about Kala

Padathera, The Queen’s Bodyguard

  • Feels a strong sense of duty toward the Queen
  • Loves Ruan

Tamosh, The Herdsman

  • Hates Queen Xerith and all her people
  • Respects Kala for what she is doing

Prince Visho

  • Has no respect for his queen

A’tha, The Explorer

  • Is concerned by Tamosh

Ruan, The Prince’s Bodyguard

  • Feels that he must protect Visho and teach him how to be a better man, but doesn’t know how.
  • Loves Padathera

Zirana, The Trader

  • Is concerned about Kala and how she will lead

Katavi, High-Class Assassin

  • Lusts after Visho but sees him as a means to an end

Feschia, The Messenger

  • Has faith in Kala

Dotha, The Boxer

  • Is not very connected to the other characters

Laughter in Chains

  • Is watching Katavi, Visho, Xerith, and Tamosh to recruit one of them

Vashra Tal, The Ancient Advisor

  • Wants to broker peace

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