Looking Forward

That’s it for Between Fire and Dreams!

The next setting will be a return to the Splinter of the Machine setting. As usual, things on this blog will be fairly quiet here until then.

However, I also have the next few settings planned out. They will be…

  • Beneath the White City, a dungeon crawl in a massive underground manse in the North.
  • Sea, Sand, and Sleep, which follows a Guild caravan floating across the West.
  • No Gods Rule Here, wherein a Realm tributary needs to be brought back in line… or convinced to join Lookshy.
  • All is Part of the Pattern, wherein a team of Sidereals try to right matters along the Cinder Coast.

I might change the order, but I already have the art together for these settings, so the concepts are fairly well set.

After that, I’m going to take a break from creating settings and move on to creating some rules content. I’m actually better at that than I am at setting/NPC writing. Stranger Creations was all part of an effort to challenge myself and improve those skills, and I think that 14 NPCs each in 14 different settings will be a fairly good amount to end with.


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