Splinter pt 2 → Echoes of the Godkiller

I’m making continued slow progress on the next setting. I almost have the backgrounds for all the characters put together. One is giving me trouble – she doesn’t really fit into the current setup, and I might need to reconsider her concept. Several other folks need additional detail.

However, I do have an official name for this setting, so I can stop calling it “Splinter of the Machine Part 2”. It is now “Echoes of the Godkiller“. Here’s the promo blurb:

Seventy-seven years have passed since the Day of the Broken Sky. On that day this small world grazed against another cosmos, and survived. On that day the Luminous Godkiller Weapon was defeated. The land is recovering, and new gods are arising to fill the void left by the old. There is life, where there might have been death.

However, one cannot say that the world is at peace. Petty warlords battle alchemically-enhanced bandits. Treasure hunters raid ancient manses. Experiments begun before the death of the Weapon still hunt the living. In the lands north of the Imperial City, a strange automaton seeks a young girl, on whose shoulders the fate of the world will rest.

Come hear the Echoes of the Godkiller.


Status Update: Splinter part 2

I’ve been making progress on the second Splinter setting. I have backgrounds written for 10 out of the 14 characters, and a few other headers done for some of them. This puts me at… maybe 25% progress overall. Luckily I already have the art for all of them.

I’m looking forward to the day when I can devote the kind of time I’d like to this project, but sadly I don’t think that’s going to be for more than a year. Until then, continued irregular forward movement.

I’d like to come up with a better name than “Splinter of the Machine Part 2”. Suggestions are welcome. For reference, it’s been 50-100 years since the previous setting. Since the previous setting ended with an event that this one calls the Day of the Broken Sky, I might go with “Under a Broken Sky”, but it turns out there are already things that go by that name.