Update on Echoes: 5/14 complete

Five out of the 14 characters for Echoes of the Godkiller are complete. 30 pages written so far. Strangely for me, I haven’t written all of the setting info yet. I could see this group being 40 pages total, which is a bit longer than most. Splinter was 35, Project X was 30. Strangely, they all feel about the same length while I’m writing them – some are just more difficult or have other events in the way of their release.

For anyone who’s interested in keeping track, this setting has:

  • Four characters who are mortals, one of whom is a Technologist
  • Three god-blooded
  • Three Amalgam Champions
  • Two automata
  • One Celestial Aion
  • A Daughter of Ether.

I’ve finished one automata, three mortals, and the Aion. The god-blooded family is up next. I need to do a little redefining for them. I figured this out while I was creating the relationship map – I knew who these people were as individuals, but not how they interacted with each other.


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