Echoes at 9/14, and map software

Five left to go! One Technologist, three Amalgam Champions (Metal, Smoke, and Lightning), and our Daughter of Ether. I’m getting toward the point where I’m ready to be done with this setting and on to the next.

There are also two pieces of map-making software coming up that I want to mention. One is Worldographer, the 2nd version of Hexographer (which I currently use and very much like). I’m really looking forward to using this on future projects. Having an “undo” feature alone is going to be a huge improvement. If it’s a substantial visual improvement as well I might go back and remake some of my older maps as well, but that’s not the major selling point for me. Worldographer is still in beta, but seems to be coming along pretty quickly.

The other is Hex Kit, which looks really beautiful. It uses multiple hand-drawn tiles for each terrain type, to give maps a bit more variety than just the same tree icon over and over. Hex Kit comes out on April 28th, so you might see some remakes of the smaller maps (like Athanor) in HexKit sooner rather than later.


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