Sam Eikar, the Savant


Sam Eikar is eight! It’s an exciting age. Everyone says so. Also, Sam has proven it mathematically.

People say it’s because eight is the Machine God’s Auspicious Numeral, but Sam knows that’s rubbish. First of all, obviously, a numeral is not a number. The number is auspicious because it’s the basis number for orthogonal three-dimensional reflection symmetry. Sam suspects that the three dimensions are not perfectly orthogonal. That would explain several space-crossing Charms that she’s observed, but it would also result in either a much larger number or the need for fractional symmetry bases. She kind of hopes it’s an irrational number. That would be funny. You could do three reflections and a small cyclic permutation and divide by pi and be a little short of 8, so that’s pretty close. The numeral is auspicious because if you turn it sideways you get an infinity sign, and if you write the Machine God’s Eighth Sutra vertically but the characters horizontally and make a new vertical bar every eight characters then you get the Yllondias-Chalsax Fomulation for Vortexed Fluids with the Eikar Correction. No one else knows about the Eikar Correction, yet, but clearly it’s there.

You can also prove that every number is interesting, but that’s pretty trivial. It’s not very interesting. Everyone and their grandmother knows that one.

Sam’s parents have never known quite what to do with her. She’s been to all the tutors they can find and none of them could keep up. The fact that she’s a genius would be enough to deal with, but it’s late at night when she’s sleepwalking that’s the really disturbing part. She sometimes wakes up crying in the middle of it and never remembers why she was putting together all these strange pieces of electronics. They even brought her to a medium, though they didn’t much like what they heard. (Whatever it was, they never told Sam.) Her friends think she’s strange, but whatever. She just says weird stuff while they go and chase frogs together, and her parents run an orchard so they have the best apples in town, so they’ll come over any time.

The Component arrived in Sam’s hometown just days ago. A few dozen villagers, including Sam’s parents, went out to talk to it. They brought some old guns just in case. The light from its eye swept across the frightened crowds and focused in on her home. She saw it through the window. The villagers tried to stop it. It brushed aside pitchforks and lead shot, and stamped its way across the houses toward her family’s farm. Then there was a strong arm around her, and a hand over her mouth, and someone whispering to stay quiet. They *leapt* somehow. Sam saw the village disappearing, and lost consciousness.


Sam is a short young girl with brown pigtails, pale skin, brown eyes, and a big forehead. When she’s happy she gets a big froggy grin across her whole face. She wears goggles to correct her farsightedness. They’re substantially too big for her, but Aunt Millie said she’d grow into them eventually. When she was saved from her village she was wearing a green shirt and some pajama pants. Regardless of who’s found her now, she’s probably wearing clothing a few sizes too large for her.


When she’s feeling safe, Sam is happy, curious, and a little sappy. She’s definitely not afraid to say what she thinks. She can be a little rude, but she doesn’t mean anything by it, and will try to make people feel better if she hurts their feelings. When she’s scared, she gets nervous, starts looking for exits, and might cry. She’s definitely more on the “flight” side of “fight or flight.” If you can get her to talk while she’s sleepwalking, she’s downright insulting.

Wherever she is right now – with Millie or with the Cathaks – Sam would much rather be with her family. Ortho was nice enough to her, but what happened to her family? She doesn’t know. Not knowing something is pretty rare for her. It’s not something she’s comfortable with.

Sam will be SO EXCITED to meet visitors from another world, especially if there are TWO other worlds, because that would provide evidence for her cyclic permutation theory.

Intimacies: I love my parents (defining), Mathematics is the best (major), I owe Youngest for saving my life (major), Trust my family, Fear of anything Yushoto Koletta appreciated
Catchphrase: How does it work? Or: Obviously.


Sam is the reincarnation of Yushoto Koletta, who engineered the Luminous Godkilling Machine. She’s also a Celestial Aion, chosen very young. Most of her powers are still hidden at this time, or relate purely to mental capacity. She also has some potential as a Technologist, but hasn’t begun to tap into that yet. It’s a lot to put on the back of an eight-year-old.

If there’s a mathematical problem put in front of her, Sam will probably solve it or prove it unsolvable within 30 seconds. Once there was a problem that took a whole day to solve and she had to invent a new branch of mathematics to do it. Physical objects take her a bit longer, and she’s not shy about asking how things work. Socially and physically she’s pretty typical for an eight-year-old. Mentally she’s off the charts.

Sam is a non-combatant.


  • Millie Eikar’s family. Millie is Sam’s aunt once removed. She and her assorted relations have watched Sam from time to time when her parents were unavailable. Sam and Millie have met a handful of times but aren’t close.
  • Rella Cathak is a minor noble of that family, and was the mayor of Sam’s village. She has promised Sam’s parents that she’ll do what she can to get Sam back to them.


  • What sort of powers will Sam have once her Aion abilities begin manifesting? How will her current predicament impact their development?
  • How much access will Sam have to Yushoto Koletta’s past-life memories?

Fate: Greatness


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