Fulmine Cathak, the Mastermind


The Great Families are in disrepute. They were on the decline even before the Day of the Broken Sky, which learned folk call The Graze. After that day, when their failure became visible in silhouette against the success of others, few showed them any respect. Several of them – Mnemon, Karal, and V’neef – are all but extinct at this point. The rest are scattered into fiefdoms, or have lost their fortunes entirely.

Fulmine aims to change that for her family. Over the past few years she’s been traveling from one province to another, finding the lost members of Cathak and making connections. Few of them remember the glory that used to be, but all of them have heard the stories. The kind of stories that make one hungry for importance. Fulmine tells tales of heroes: wise governors, valiant soldiers, clever scientists, humble farmers who reached above their station. Grand balls, jewelry, wine, love, exploration, intrigue – and most importantly, respect.

Not all of the family has reacted well to this. She’s had to flee a few places. Nevertheless, her travels are important. Everywhere she goes, someone decides to work a bit harder. Parents connect with long-lost relatives. Malcontents leave home to seek their fortunes. Once in a while she finds someone with particular talents and helps them decide how to use them. That’s how she got Calcite and Stratus on her side, and how she found the wreck of an airship and the right people to repair it.

Right now she’s turned out of her usual path. She sees chaos and destruction coming. Something bigger than herself and her family pulls her eastward across the Continent. She’s told her crew that they’re headed toward Millie Eikar’s place to give the ship a tune-up, but she knows that there’s going to be something dangerous in the way. For the first time in her life, she’s not sure what.


Fulmine is a little taller than average, thin, with light brown skin. Her thick black hair is looped and tied up on her head, along with a pair of pilot’s goggles. Her black eyes often seem to be staring at something in the distance. Her voice is strong and steady. When she tells stories she sometimes seems lost in the past.

One of Fulmine’s cousins makes her some fairly stylish clothing in black, brown, and white, using found fabric. She wears large jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, and a compass brooch. She dyes her lips red and uses green powder around her eyes. One of Calcite’s special guns hangs at her hip.


Caring, confident and precise. Fulmine was raised with the high expectations that have always come for members of the Great Families. Unlike so many of the Blessed Continent’s past leaders, she was also raised with love. When she failed, no one beat her or shrieked at her. They helped her stand up, regroup, understand her mistakes, and try again.

Sometimes Fulmine falls into a trance. Her voice quavers and she loses the outside world for a few minutes. Her crew knows to protect her during this time. Many of them keep an eye on her whenever she’s nearby, just in case she’s about to collapse.

Intimacies: My family’s future will be bright (defining), Sam Eikar is the key to the future and we must be the ones to defend her (major), Our world can be improved (major), Power is a gift that should be respected (major), Stratus needs to reach for his potential, Calcite is too focused on war.
Catchphrase: Our fate is what we make it.


Fulmine is god-blooded, born with the future-sight that runs through certain branches of her family. She can literally plan for the unexpected. She was already intelligent and keen-eyed; future-sight makes her seem brilliant. Her strategies are without peer in the Splinter. The most important visions put her into a trance where she’s unable to react quickly and may respond to things that are happening in the future. She always remembers the details of these events… except when they involve the Component. This gap in her knowledge genuinely frightens her. She also hasn’t foreseen anything about Cyn Walker, which will make Fulmine very suspicious when they meet.

Her family training also means that she can wield a gun and a sword, sail, keep books, paint calligraphy, ride an austretch, bind wounds, and carry herself in polite society (not that there’s much of that left these days). She knows exactly what she’s capable of – all the more so for being able to see the outcome of actions. This self-confidence gives her a compelling presence.

Fulmine can’t do it all on her own, though, and her crew fills in many gaps. They’re experienced sailors, navigators, engineers, carpenters, and soldiers. They’ve already followed her to the ends of the world. Anyone looking to take over No Memory will have a hell of a fight on their hands.

Unlike Calcite, Fulmine’s future-sight is of less use in combat. It shows her key moments and sweeping overviews, not blow-by-blow details. To help make up for this, Calcite has provided Fulmine with an enchanted weapon: a gun that fires lightning. Treat this as a heavy artifact archery weapon.


  • To the extent that there is a unified Cathak Family at all in these times, it’s because of Fulmine. Some of them resent her for it, but there are many places she can turn for support.
  • Her immediate family. Fulmine cares greatly for her parents and siblings, who live near Brightness on the northwestern coast.
  • One of the few Great Families to remain united, the Cynis Family believes that Fulmine’s airship, No Memory, rightfully belongs to them. They’d like to have it back.


  • No Memory used to have a cloaking device. Is it still functional?
  • Are there any crew members aboard the ship who are sick of taking Fulmine’s orders?

Fate: Prominence


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