Soulsteel Justice Warrior


Not every technologist goes mad in the same way. Oh sure, most of them end up ranting and cackling to the heavens while lightning rains down around them and either their creations or their miscalculations destroy them. Others, though, have subtler internal turmoil. They see things they can’t change and can’t bring themselves to let go: the injustices of the world. Of these technologists, the vast majority have… let’s just say a poorly calibrated idea of justice and a poorly calibrated voltmeter. Their creations are twisted mistakes that do nothing to improve the Splinter.

Apparently, though, at least one person managed to create beauty and balance from their madness. The last act of the Warrior’s creator was to forge themselves into a piece of virtuous soulsteel that glows with the rainbow light of compassion. This metal sits at the heart of the Warrior.

Soulsteel Justice Warrior is an automaton created to make the world better. Is it imperfect? Yes. Is it all-knowing? No. But it never stops trying, and it never makes excuses. The Warrior has walked the length and breadth of the Blessed Continent like the ronin of old. No, not like the ronin – like the stories that were told about the best of them. In every town it seeks understanding and offers aid. When there is a need, it acts. When there are threats, it faces them, or helps the people band together to face the danger as one.

The Warrior is loved in story and hated by tyrants. Many citizens of the Continent fear it, for its visage is not beautiful, and they cannot see its heart – but just as many will say how they were touched by its words and assisted by its strong arms.

Recently the Warrior was in a village that lay in the path of the Component. The Component seemed to be seeking someone or something. The Warrior strode forward when the people were afraid, and asked it to leave, because it was frightening the people. Unfortunately, someone made the mistake of leaping past the Warrior and attacking the Component. It began laying waste to the village. The Warrior tried to stop it, and was injured – rendered temporarily insert by the force of its furious eye beam. Now the Warrior seeks out Eikar Welding for repairs, and warns others of the Component.


Soulsteel Justice Warrior 500

The Warrior is eight feet tall. Its body is made of black, grey, and off-white materials that seem scavenged from a trash heap. Huge glass eyes rest above simply-carved teeth in a wire jaw. One can see right through it from certain angles. The Warrior could hide in a garbage pile well, if not for its size. Its voice is unexpectedly fluid, and somewhat higher-pitched than one might expect.


Open, impassioned, and compassionate. The Warrior speaks from its heart. It listens to others, balancing their words against their actions, and their need against the needs of others. It has spent much time in the wilderness, and can be very thoughtful when alone, but it prefers to engage others in discussion.

Soulsteel Justice Warrior feels a kind of connection with the Component: the kind one might feel for a brother gone mad, or a sadistic mother. Yes, the Warrior admits, the Component acted in self-defense – but then it went far, far beyond defense, and into terrible retribution. The Warrior fears that there is no moral center to the Component, just programming. It sometimes wonders the same about itself.

Intimacies: Do what is right (defining), Find out what is right (defining), Aid the meek and oppressed before the mighty (major), Hypocrites annoy me, Friendship is a gift and deserves gifts in return.
Catchphrase: Justice must prevail.


As an automaton, the Warrior has no need to eat, sleep, or breathe. Poison and disease cannot touch it. It does need rest and repair from time to time. Unlike most automata, it has true will and volition, and can think for itself. It is of average intelligence. While not quick-witted, it is fairly perceptive, and its eyes can focus at long distances. It has no senses of smell or taste. The Warrior can see dematerialized spirits by shifting in an extra optic lens, but normally disengages this lens, as it can prove distracting in ordinary circumstances.

The Warrior is very durable, but not invulnerable. Its heart may be indestructible soulsteel, but the rest of its body has been damaged and replaced a myriad of times. It does not heal naturally. The Warrior takes time to repair minor dents in itself as needed. For major injuries, it seeks out repair facilities.

When the time for battle comes, the Warrior unsheathes a mighty blade from its back: the grand daiklaive Virtue Signal. This blade appears to be black iron when sheathed. In truth, it is soulsteel. When drawn, it shines with a prismatic radiance like the Warrior’s own heart. Virtue Signal is the bearer of many potent evocations. It slices through armor. It banishes illusion. It strikes harder and more true against those with hateful Intimacies. Virtue Signal is especially potent when it comes to deflecting harm from others. When the Warrior defends someone from a protocol or spell, or from a charm with an anima cost, the sword will absorb the magical essence of the attack, dissipating it entirely. The Warrior can then raise the shining sword to the heavens and mark the one who attacked with revealing light, so that others might fall upon them with greater accuracy.

When the Warrior attends someone’s death, the love from those whose lives the person had touched becomes a palpable force. That person’s spirit joins with the Warrior’s daiklaive and lends its courage to the quest for justice for all time. Should the Warrior ever fall, those who pick up its sword will be hard pressed not to fight for its cause.


  • Eikar Welding have repaired the Warrior on occasion, most recently about five years ago. Millie is nervous about the trouble that can follow in the Warrior’s wake.
  • The Sesus Family hold much animosity for the Warrior. They would gladly ruin its works and melt it down for scrap.
  • The Warrior is known in song and story across the world. Many of the hard-working people of the Blessed Continent will recognize it, though whether they appreciate it or not will depend on their views.


  • How damaged is the Warrior right now? Will Millie be able to repair it before another confrontation with the Component?
  • How long ago was the Warrior created? Was it alive for the Graze?

Fate: Balance


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