Janek Ragara, the Guardian


Janek was always strong. He was raised on a farm, and worked hard. He knew his strength well, and was always careful to avoid hurting others. The Ragara family still had a sense of nobility about it, he was told. They weren’t the rulers of the Continent any more, but they should still hold themselves to higher standards.

When he was fifteen his parents’ farmstead was visited by the Indomitable Metal Ox. It walked through the field, knocking over fences. It paced by their house and crushed the chicken coop. Despite his parents’ fearful cries, Janek ran out to stand between it and the neighbor’s house, and told it that it couldn’t just go breaking everything.

It Chose him as one of its own, then folded down into the ground and disappeared.

After that, he couldn’t really work on the farm any more. Neighbors talked. People came by wanting him to fix their tractors, or bless them, or heal their children, and he couldn’t do any of that. While his parents loved him, they didn’t stop him from packing a bag. Janek went from town to town doing odd jobs until he found Millie Eikar. She spotted him for what he was right away.

Since then he’s been at Eikar Welding. Learning to work with metal has opened up his gifts. When he’s not working or practicing, he often reads – mostly histories and old technologists’ diaries, as that’s what Millie has around. He is engrossed by stories from around the Day of the Broken Sky. He thinks often of what the people who designed the Weapon might have done if they had chosen differently. He also spends a fair amount of time talking philosophy with Tenor Black. Tenor is technically his boss, but their shared status as Amalgam Champions helps to even out a lot of status differences.


Janek Ragara 500

Janek has light skin, the tan from his youth as a farmhand fading now that he’s been working inside for years.  He has military-cut brown hair and deep, intense brown eyes. Unlike many of the other workers, he stays clean-shaven (not that it’s difficult for him) and bathes daily. Most of his clothing is work-related. He has quite the baby-face.


Thoughtful, friendly, and compassionate. His parents never much liked the rest of their family. They taught him to be kind, to trust people, and to take good care of his friends – and not to trust those who seem noble. He’s still a bit naive.

Some of this has been enhanced by Janek’s brush with the Metal Ox. He wants to see broken things made whole, people protected, and The Right Thing done. Because of this he’s suspicious of Soulsteel Justice Warrior, and will think that the Component is redeemable. He’s also likely to put himself between any danger and Sam Eikar.

Intimacies: We can make things better (defining), Be good to my friends (major), Defend the weak (major), Feather Black sure is pretty
Catchphrase: What can I do?


Janek is very strong. He can lift an anvil under each arm and carry them around without much trouble. His skin can turn blades and is fire-resistant. He also has hidden depths of tranquility and mental fortitude that have yet to become important, but may come into play very soon when he’s trying to keep people from killing one another.

One of Janek’s jobs in the shop is shaping the largest pieces of metal. Millie could do it with an alchemical working, but it takes too long to use that for everything. Rather than using main strength, Janek can massage things into place, folding sheets of steel and placing rivets without stressing the metal. He can also sharpen tools just by running a finger down the edge, and repair broken chains with a quick twist. When some of Millie’s less friendly workers (now unemployed) tried to start a fight with Janek, he shoved one back twenty feet, pushed another harmlessly through a metal door into a cabinet, and took a third one’s belt buckle away without touching the belt.

Janek’s main shortcoming is that he’s not very bright, and he can be easily manipulated. His stubbornness matches badly with these: once he has an idea in his head, he doesn’t like getting it out.


  • The Ragara Family sees Janek as a lost investment. They’d be happy to recoup it with his children, but preferably before then.
  • A traveling Technologist, Fizal Uthden, would love to study Amalgam Champions in great detail. For some reason he’s hit on the idea that Janek would be an excellent experimental subject.
  • His cousin Siobhan Ragara lives not too far away, and has had a run-in with the Orthos. She might come to him for help if she’s heard of his powers.


  • Would Janek go with Millie once the airship is done, or stay with Tenor?
  • What would it take to convince Janek that the Component is a real danger?

Fate: Sacrifice


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