2018 Contact Sheet

I’m finally over the concussion, caught up at work, back from holidays, and still writing from time to time. I’ve got four more settings for Stranger Creations, and then another Exalted project. I also have Virtual Machine (which is a playable draft made during National Game Design Month) and Sorcerously Advanced (a version of Sufficiently Advanced set in a magical rather than scientific world) to work on, and those are taking more of my attention and energy these days. I do intend to finish the last four settings, but it’s not a priority right now.

If you’re interested in seeing some art for my upcoming projects, here’s the Contact Sheet for 2018, much like the one I made last year. Click for a larger version.

2018 Contact Sheet


2 thoughts on “2018 Contact Sheet

    • Thanks. There are still some side-effects from it – in many ways, I feel like my brain aged ten years in one day – but I’m in a new status quo instead of a constantly changing mess, and that’s a solid improvement.


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