Legal Notice

Stranger Creations is an independent site, and not the work of any employee of Onyx Path, Paradox, White Wolf, or CCP. Exalted is a trademark of Paradox Interactive / White Wolf Publishing. No challenge to this or any other trademark is intended.


The text contents of this blog are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Credit should be given to Colin Fredericks.

Images in this blog are covered under various other licenses, and should not be reused unless the license is specifically listed beneath the image. Most are derived from stock art – if you wish to use them, you must purchase the original piece from the original provider.

Is this legal?

In short, yes. No intellectual property laws are violated on this site.

Intellectual property law in the United States protects works via three main avenues: copyright, which protects works of artistic expression; trademark, which protects company names, logos, and other designs; and patents, which protect processes and devices.

Since no materials here reuse existing text or other artistic works, they do not violate copyright. Since our posts do not use trademarked terms or symbols in a way that claims them as our own, there is no trademark infringement – merely mentioning or referring to a trademark is not considered infringement. Finally, the rules of Exalted are not protected by a patent, so there is no patent infringement.

Characters can also be protected by copyright, so none of the canon NPCs from Exalted are referenced here. References to entities who are less “character” and more “setting,” such as Luna, the Unconquered Sun, the Scarlet Empress, canon Yozis and Deathlords, etc., are all kept to a bare minimum. All characters and locations detailed in Stranger Creations are unique to this work.