Movement on Project X and others

Yes, Project X still needs a real title.

This weekend I was finally able to do some serious writing for Project X. It’s up to about 10 pages now. This project has taken longer than any of the others in terms of just getting started, to the point where I was considering just dropping this one and moving on to the next. Sometimes forcing yourself to write can be very positive.

I have a lot to do at work right now. This means checking my tendons carefully to make sure I don’t overexert myself and end up unable to type for a day. Movement will probably continue to be slow, but not as glacial as it was during vacation. (But hey, you got the Battle Group Generator and the Dice Trick Grapher out of that vacation! And I got a kilt out of it! Double bonus!) I’m also still working on layout for Red Jade Canyon, which just needs a few more days of attention, and on stats for Slumber’s Grasp and Athanor.


Dice Trick Comparisons

If you’re trying to build your own custom charms, you may be uncertain as to how good various different dice tricks are. How does “reroll 6s” compare with “double 9s?” What’s the effect of saying “1s subtract on attacks” versus a flat one-point bonus to a defense score?

To help with this, I’ve created the Dice Trick Comparison Grapher! It shows a graph (and a table) that compares two different dice tricks of your choice.

Many thanks to AnyDice for helping me double-check the probabilities on this.

If you’d like to see any items added to this, just let me know. I can’t guarantee that I will be able to accommodate any request, but I’ll at least try.