Writing for the Glen is done!

I put in several hours this weekend finishing off the writing for Giant’s Glen. It’s ready to go! The posts will start next weekend on Saturday, and proceed one-per-day after that.

We don’t have the photography finished yet, so some of them will have placeholders in the “Appearance” section. I’m hoping to get some of them either this weekend or next weekend, but I’m sure some of them will need to get filled in later. I’d rather post the writing without the photos than postpone things any further.



More Glen Updates

I’m up to about 32 pages. I’m in that stage where I keep thinking I’m almost done, and there’s still always more to do.

Artwork may delay this particular setting further. We haven’t managed to get in that third photo shoot. The plus side is that we might get some fall foliage in the scene (if we have any this year), and that would be absolutely beautiful.

I’ve also started on the map for the Glen. It’s based partially on the Middlesex Fells, a nice reservation to the northeast of me. It reminds me a lot of the woods in back of my parent’s house. If you know the Fells you probably still won’t recognize the map, but I found with the Pearl that it was nice to have a base to start with and build on.

Worldographer Kickstarter

If you like the maps I’ve made for Stranger Creations, the folks who made the mapping software are holding a kickstarter for the next version of their application!


I wish I had seen this earlier! There are only 3 days left right now. Luckily it’s already fully-funded. I’m really looking forward to seeing more development on this program. I’m not a fan of the “modern” tile sets, but I do love the “classic” ones that look like they’re straight out of the Greyhawk boxed set. And man, having undo/redo will be so nice.

Anyway, if you ever wanted to make similar maps for yourself, this is the way to go.

Glen update

Good news: Up to 28 pages on Giant’s Glen! For reference, 34 pages is roughly where my settings finish.

More Good News: The second photo shoot went well. Dipping a doll’s foot in a river while photographing it by holding the camera (phone) over the river is a little hairy, but we got it! (And everything’s still dry.) We’ll definitely need two more.

Bad news: Tendon pain. Need to bring my ergo keyboard next time I go on vacation.